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In defence of derivatives

FragVision Episode 7 looks at the common misconceptions about the derivatives industry and the likely impact of some of the new regulations that it is having to get to grips with. Click here for the full list of FragVision episodes. .wistia_embed { height:364px !important; width:640px !important; }  Read More

A night at the museum

Episode 6 of FragVision looks at how the sell-side is adapting to the new market conditions it faces. Click here for the full list of FragVision episodes. .wistia_embed { height:364px !important; width:640px !important; }  Read More

The changing face of Asian markets

Episode 5 of FragVision is now available featuring a discussion with Stephen Edge, Principal of Asia Etrading, about the key issues affecting Asian markets. As always, feel free to comment. Click here for the full list of FragVision episodes. .wistia_embed { height:364px !important; width:640px !important; }  Read More

The R word

In Episode 4 of FragVision we look at the R word – Regulation. Pretty much whatever your role in financial markets these days you will be faced with a wall of regulatory noise that needs to be interpreted and acted upon. This episode looks at how the original intentions of some of these proposed regulations have been hijacked by the politicians and who is likely to be better off... Read More

Best execution: fact or fiction?

In this episode of FragVision we take a look at how continuing fragmentation of the world’s capital markets is affecting the buy-side. Using the Fidessa Tradalyzer, we examine the challenges that buy-side participants face in post-trade best execution analysis, and look at some of the issues around the potential introduction of a European consolidated tape. Click here for the... Read More

Feeding frenzy

Few people can have missed the slew of merger announcements in the exchange space over the past few weeks. What is less clear is the commercial logic behind these deals and the real reasons why they are all happening now. Also, how do these deals fit with the regulators who have been trying to increase competition in capital markets rather than the other way round? For my views... Read More

Welcome to FragVision

One of the things that’s been puzzling me is all the conflicting claims around High Frequency Trading (HFT). Depending upon what you read, or who you talk to, HFT is either the scourge of capital markets or the next evolution of finance. That’s why it seemed like an ideal subject for the first episode of FragVision – the new video channel from Fidessa. With each episode... Read More

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