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Canada report for week ending 25th Sep 2020

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Fidessa Fragmentation Index

Weekly FFI

S&P/TSX Composite
S&P/TSX 60

Top fragmented stocks

Lit venue turnover *

Canadian NSE238,287,349554,705,273109,62411.63%
Nasdaq CXC8,591,882,643516,545,7631,381,93610.83%
Aequitas NEOL4,037,360,317448,279,990375,3419.40%
TSX Alpha Exchange3,803,924,332344,278,543591,7027.22%
Nasdaq CX22,751,486,805321,472,676672,9236.74%
Aequitas NEON870,279,549319,099,600303,1226.69%
Omega ATS221,301,952200,354,645434,1184.20%
Lynx ATS7,738,6921,959,03212,8140.04%

Dark venue turnover *

TriAct MATCH Now2,890,775,746194,079,310627,25078.26%
Nasdaq CXD870,733,06348,229,314187,81819.45%
Liquidnet Canada131,683,1184,128,1001341.66%
*Ranked by volume.

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